Digital Insights cccdi ltd. specializes in offering a wide range of digital services to our clients from a provision of the consultancy to formulate the digital strategies that drive business and add values to business brands with innovation and technology.
OVERVIEW To explore new digital media and the possibilities of its applications New technology & popular new digital media trends Research and consultation
Our Services A full-service in digital strategy, digital marketing & ecommerce platforms, and experience design;
Achieve marketing goals via digital media and deliver a digital solution to solve problems;
Add values to business brand / Deliver marketing messages via New UX.
Research & Consultation
Design & Development
User Engagement
Tracking & Analysis
New Technology
New Media
Apply latest technology =
a pioneer brand
Tell me and I forgot,
show me and I remember,
involve me and I understand.
New UX
Technology Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.
Virtual Reality (VR)
Face Detection
Augmented Reality (AR)
Location-based Service with iBeacon / BLE / GPS
Motion Tracking
Skeletal Tracking
Wearable & Smart Gear
3D Scan & Print
Products Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins.
Virtual MEMBERS CARDS, CRM & Loyalty, Analytics
Content Management, Draft, Preview, Uploads
Entry Submission, Judging, Online Payment, Invoice
Students CHECK-IN
Clients Real Estates and Properties Retail, Shopping Mall, Serviced Apartment & Hotel Corporate Design, Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Technology, Hubs, NGO Government, Education Food & Beverage Beauty & Care Electronics
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